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Qd Portable Mini Mattress : Organic



The 1st “On Cloud FoamTM” and “100% Certified Organic Mattress Cover”

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Qd Portable Mini Mattress : Organic
The 1st “On Cloud FoamTM” and “100% Certified Organic Mattress Cover”

  • Mattress and Pillow are made of “On Cloud Foam™️”
    which give you most comfy feeling just like sleeping
    on the fluffy cloud.

  • The 1st layer case of the mattress is waterproof. It’s very easy to clean.

  • The outer case is made on our own Qd little things’ printed jacquard.
    The jacquard is made of 100% organic cotton which is certified by GOTS.

  • Our “Organic” Portable Mini Mattress supports each part of the body evenly
    and individually by spreading your weight across the bed’s surface.
    The mattress contours to your body’s curves, supporting the lower back
    and allowing your spine to stay in a neutral position.

  • The case is made of 100% Cotton (selected print).
    With our signature and patented design, it can be used on both sides
    of the mattress and easy to fold and carry.

  • Great for traveling or day-time nap.

  • Available in various size and patterns

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