About Qd

Qd little things, a “Lifestyle Baby Store” where you can always find the selection of quality products to enhance the magical early years of your little one’s childhood as well as the parenthood of yours. 

“Qd little things” was founded in early 2013 by May, a mother of a baby boy who always look for the best for her little darling. Since she was certain that other parents are the same so she decided to open up an on-line space for other caring parents. Starting off with the products that she has already used for her baby, quite a number of good feedback from others received. With the power of WOM, Qd little things has been widely accepted by modern parents.Not only selling stuffs but also sharing her own “ideas and inspiration” regularly and this may be the reason why “Qd little things” stand out. Qd (or “Cutie”) , our name in short , is trusted by more than 10,000 parents in the past years.

We have carefully chosen and designed each product we carry primarily for both Mommy and little ones’ benefits. “Qd little things” offer a variety of thoughtful, functional, and stylish handmade products for Mommy and Child including “Qd Nursing Cover” , “Qd ToyStrap” ,“Qd Rainbow ToyStrap” , “Qd Qlipper” , “Qd ChildStrap” , “Qd Bow Tie” , Qd GoGreen Bag” and much more. 

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