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Dr.Bétta - Bouquet Bib


Betta Bouquet Bib (Pink Checks/Stripe)

แบรนด์ : Axkid

Dr.Bétta - Bouquet Bib (Pink Checks/Stripe)

A fashionable, cute and luxurious bib that can be used in
any situation, from casual to formal. The collar is elasticated,
so it can easily slip over the baby's head, and the 360-degree
design means the mother and baby are fine even if the baby wriggles about.
It's reversible, so you can switch between two designs to match
with more kinds of outfits. This cute bib really accents your baby's smiling face,
making your moments with your child that much more memorable.

It's designed to rub up against your baby's delicate skin, so is made of
carefully selected soft and fluffy double gauze. The two layers of
double gauze is super absorbent, keeping your baby's clothes
safe from milk and other spills. They are all made in Japan by
Japanese ateliers. The bib comes with a matching round handkerchief,
so it's great as a purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone else.
This is also great for both boys and girls!

Material: cotton 100%

Bib neck [minimum] about: 35 ~ 40cm.
Bib neck [maximum] about: 70 ~ 80cm.
Handkerchief diameter: about 20cm.


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